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Don't wait to handle a virus. It can infect your entire network and get worse over time.

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Get 100% protection for your business, school computers

Work with Micro Systems International to find the right malware protection and virus removal package for your needs. Make sure every computer you have is protected from the latest viruses - plus any existing viruses and malware currently on your PCs.


You really can get 100% protection! Ask us about business protection plus school system services. We work with local education establishments to help provide them with the individualized IT solutions they need to provide the computer services students need.

Many companies who deal with virus infection simply opt to replace their computers because the cost of removal can not only be staggering, but it can be unknown until all is said and done.


That's where our flat-fee virus removal services can save the day. You'll know before we begin exactly what the cost will be so you can make the most reasonable decision for your

company or school.