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Schools can trust our track record of providing exceptional services to educational institutions of all sizes and need levels.

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You'll quickly learn that Micro Systems International truly cares about education IT services and we welcome the opportunity to bring your school into the 21st century. We can provide year-round support and entire network solutions. Contact us to learn more about entire network solutions, from databases to integration databases for your library.


You can count on us for all the latest in school technology solutions. Contact us to learn more about support contracts and ad hoc projects. We can supply new equipment including interactive whiteboards and projectors. Do you need dedicated servers, desktop PCs, laptops, or netbooks? Call us for details!

It's true that Micro Systems International goes the extra mile to ensure we can provide schools with the best possible services, but we can help virtually any company with their computer needs.


With on-site services and remote assistance, with a long list of services including flat-fee virus removal, we are the company

to turn to.