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Expert Servicing Computer
Expert Servicing Computer

You don't need numerous business computer vendors - you only need Micro Systems International. We can help you from computer maintenance for business, churches, government, and schools to remote assistance and on-site services.


Call us for backup and maintenance to assure the integrity of your system and ask about our flat-fee virus and malware removal. You can trust us with IT networking support and to install top performance hardware at your location. In fact, we can help with all software setup services including new

wireless and networks.

You have access to targeted, customized IT services that are uniquely defined for your particular business and needs.

Find your own perfect package by calling us now!

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Get all your business computer service

needs met in one location

Are you worried about the security of your data? Ask us about our internet security and take advantage of our services directed to educational facilities.


Work with a company that's proud of their 25+ years of business experience and let us give you the affordable computer solutions you're looking for.